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About Lindsey Hazdra

As a lifelong Illinois native, specifically southern suburbs of Chicago, Lindsey has immersed herself completely into her family and community. With roots in home design/interiors, renovations, and customer service, and a laser focus on each client, she found a passion for homes and the people who live in them. Helping families place their roots in the exact place they will grow best is an inspiring challenge she feels connected to and how she secures her long-lasting relationships. She understands Home buying is one of the most important investments to her clients, and the right home is essential to the heart of a family, Lindsey makes sure to use the utmost care when dealing with these critical transactions start to finish.

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When you just love to create a space... design meets sales.

I remember the first time someone let me in their home to bid a job for them. I was so nervous... I came recommended by a family friend for a custom window treatment design! The best part was the

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