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Kindness spreads faster than a virus.

Dated: April 15 2020

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Oh, you got caught with your pants down too?
The silver lining to this has to be that we are in this mess together!
Scratch your head, feel the feels, count your blessings, keep marching.
We have a lot to learn from recent events and I'll be willing to bet- we will never be the same- as scary as that is...
Doesn't that sound intriguing? beautiful even?

Imagine every person in America forced to STOP!
Nothing will be the same.
AND that's ok!

We have now entered the offseason.

"It's not about how hard you can hit... It's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward!

What will you rethink? What will you now prioritize?
How will you move forward? Use these days to plan for your future in new ways.

The market is still showing amazing signs. This is not 2008.
This is not the Great Depression.
We are coming off a 13 year market high and are showing signs we can move right back to where we left off.
-after the shock & lifestyle change social distancing has imposed -we will get right back to our new normal.
This is when America got caught with their pants down- We now have the most brilliant and able-bodied humans on our planet working tirelessly for your safety.
The least you can do for them- is not panic. and Listen.
Stay home. take care of your body. wash your hands.

Many of us with work - ARE WORKING.
My heart goes out to those who have lost their jobs but hold tight. ❤️
I hope those who need help are surrounded by those who care!
Reach out! Call your neighbor.
I have been so proud of the togetherness of our communities during socially distant times.
I have also been amazed at how smart our children are- they are experiencing something we have never known. They will be better for this. They are rising to the occasion ❤️
Kindness spreads faster than a virus. Promise!
Things will be better soon!

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Kindness spreads faster than a virus.

Oh, you got caught with your pants down too?The silver lining to this has to be that we are in this mess together!Scratch your head, feel the feels, count your blessings, keep marching.We have a lot

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