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Saving for beginners. We all start somewhere right?

Saving.Truly. Have you ever watched an account grow?If you haven’t, this is your new goal.Every time you resist a purchase, put that amount in an account.Want those shoes? How many shoes do

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Kindness spreads faster than a virus.

Oh, you got caught with your pants down too?The silver lining to this has to be that we are in this mess together!Scratch your head, feel the feels, count your blessings, keep marching.We have a lot

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Covid-19 Realtor Thoughts

Well. As times are changing we are definitely finding ourselves with more time- in our homes.Let us breathe.Refocus.When it seems the world is screaming at us to stay inward- Let us do that.Let us

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When you just love to create a space... design meets sales.

I remember the first time someone let me in their home to bid a job for them. I was so nervous... I came recommended by a family friend for a custom window treatment design! The best part was the

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Insider look at New Lenox, Illinois

New Lenox has been in a constant stage of development for generations, a progressive village. It is the ‘home of proud Americans’, hardworking farmers.In 1852, The Rock Island Railroad

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Insider look into Joliet Illinois

Joliet and our marketplace today.My husband, Kris, and I have raised our children within multiple Joliet homes from the years 2012-current. Joliet is a Large Medium-sized city, within the state of

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